Cleaning Supplies

Titan Building Services provides a variety of dispensers for hand soap, toilet tissue, and hand towels. We also provide any supplies that our staff may use including chemicals, mop heads, garbage bags, buckets, etc. (with the exception of equipment such as autoscrubbers). We are also able to sell products not covered through your contract with Titan, such as coffee, coffee supplies, disposable cups, and hand sanitizes.

Bacteria is everywhere — especially on the surfaces you touch. By maintaining clean surfaces, you’ll make sure that the right levels of hygiene in your environment are upheld. Without regular surface cleaning, colds and flu viruses are more readily spread from person to person. This can lead to periods of employee absence, which interrupts business, and costs the company time and money.


Our company understands the importance of environmental sustainability, and we use EcoLogo or Green Seal products. If you have a request for us to use a special product please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.